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XCMG motor graders with a total price of more than 10 million were exported to Saudi Arabia

on December 1, 30 XCMG motor graders with a total price of more than 10 million were loaded neatly and sent to Saudi Arabia, the kingdom of the western regions. The solution of XCMG's fundamental problem: the oil return valve of the flat output valve outputs oil. With good reputation and comprehensive advantages such as advanced, reliable, energy-saving and efficient, the earth machine products successfully won this purchase order at one stroke

XCMG motor graders with more than ten million equipment are exported to Saudi Arabia

as XCMG's overseas key market, Saudi Arabia has always had a high reputation. With the promotion and implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, Saudi Arabia's infrastructure construction is also further accelerated. XCMG will, as in the past, provide complete sets of equipment with high quality, high performance and high price performance for Saudi Arabia's economic construction to help its economy take off

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