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"XCMG gold" shines in Malaysia

Guide: at a construction site in Malaysia, two xe260c excavators were busy working without oil flowing out of their return pipes. Xe260c excavator, as a product with relatively mature technology among XCMG excavators, is favored by Southeast Asian countries, and XCMG gold appears more and more in Malaysia and other countries. And Xu Gongjin also upholds quality for

at a construction site in Malaysia, two xe260c excavators are busy working. Xe260c excavator, as a product of XCMG excavator with relatively mature technology, is popular in Southeast Asian countries, and in Malaysia and other countries, More and more "XCMG gold" figures appear. And XCMG gold also adheres to the spirit of quality first and gold medal service, and strives to do its best for more national urban construction. (XCMG Liu Aijun/Wenqiu Yuntie/can effectively improve the yield strength of the alloy photo)

"XCMG gold" shines Malaysia

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