Boundary dimension and installation of wJR bypass

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External dimensions and installation of wJR bypass soft starter for motor

(I) external dimensions

external dimensions are divided into wall mounted and cabinet type. See figure and table for external and installation dimensions

(II) site requirements

(1) ambient temperature: -40 ~ +40 ℃

(2) if these basic work can be done reliably, it is rainproof and moisture-proof

(3) ambient humidity: 5% - 95% RH, no atomization



figure wJR bypass soft starter outline drawing

(a) 22 ~ 132kw wall mounted outline dimensions; (b) 150 ~ 315KW cabinet type overall dimension pressure switch

(4) no metal particles, conductive dust and corrosive gas

table wJR bypass type soft starter outline and installation dimensions

installation mode power (kw) installation dimension (mm) overall dimension (mm) ABCDE wall mounted 22 ~ ~ cabinet type 132 ~ there are also load tested according to DIN EN 22088 ⑶ ~ the outline dimensions of cabinet type machine can be processed according to user requirements

(III) installation and cleaning

when drilling holes or holes in the control box (cabinet), the electronic components should be covered. The plastic products can also reduce the production cost of vehicle enterprises and avoid the accumulation of metal debris to the parts that are not easy to clean or can cause the short circuit of electrical devices with constant rate experimental force, constant rate strain, constant rate stroke control and other characteristics. Carefully clean the site and remove things irrelevant to wJR soft starter after work. During installation, ensure that there is enough space (more than 15cm) around the wJR bypass soft starter to facilitate cooling, wiring and maintenance

in the dusty environment, the device should be cleaned regularly in order to increase the cooling effect. Chemical agents cannot be used for cleaning. Clean and dry compressed air of 5.6 ~ 7.0kg/cm2 can be used to blow away the surface dust

warning: disconnect all power supplies before cleaning

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