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XCMG gr230 grader helps customers with the construction of coal yards

grassland witness, vow clank

in the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia, rich mineral resources are buried, and these treasures endowed by nature are pregnant with the legends of enterprises. Although the creators of these legends have different stories, they have something in common! This is particularly evident in the development of central cooperation

central synergy marriage XCMG bravely climbed the peak of the industry

Central synergy is the abbreviation of Inner Mongolia central synergy Mining Co., Ltd. The company is located in Jungar banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and its main business covers mining engineering construction, logistics and transportation, equipment sales, equipment leasing and other business forms. The company complies with the national coal development strategy, relies on Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, establishes a nationwide coal mining system and actively explores overseas markets, and has made remarkable achievements. The company not only has offices in Beijing, Shanxi, Hohhot, Xinjiang, Malaysia and other places, but also has two subsidiaries. It is a very large-scale enterprise in the local area and is very famous. At present, there are several open-pit coal mines in Ordos alone, such as Yongshun coal mine, Haolailiang coal mine, Hengbo coal mine 1, dust mine in liquidation track and pulley, Dongda coal mine, halwusu coal mine, and the annual stripping volume can reach 200million cubic meters! To become the leader in the field of mine construction in China is the corporate vision of central cooperative, and this vision has become within reach with the full help of XCMG group

seize the opportunity to seek development, aim high and create great undertakings

we must improve the accuracy of displacement testing to meet the requirements of users. It is not difficult to trace the brief history of Zhonghuan cooperative enterprise. Although the company has not been officially registered for a long time, the cooperation with XCMG has a long history. In just a few years, Zhonghuan Lianhe has become a modern large mining group company from an unknown small group. It has to be said that this is a legend of an enterprise, and it is also the pride of XCMG as a booster

XCMG equipment in construction

as early as 2013, central synergy had no own mechanical equipment. It only relied on leasing equipment to mine coal, and the "package leasing" with people and equipment was the initial mode. "At the beginning, there were all kinds of leased equipment, but many people also brought products of the same brand - XCMG machinery and equipment. Although they didn't know much about XCMG at that time, the products that can be favored by most people must have its uniqueness." Yang Zong, the project leader of Yongshun coal mine, said, "that is, since then, we have begun to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of various products, so as to provide reference for future equipment procurement."

XCMG gr230 grader helps customers' coal yard construction

in 2013, we firmly seized the opportunity of the adjustment of the world economy and mining industry, and took advantage of the opportunity of China's industrialization and urbanization development, central cooperated to carry out drastic reform, began to purchase mining equipment in large quantities, and formed our own equipment army. The professional management team and powerful construction equipment have won a wide range of market opportunities and recognition of the coal industry for the enterprise. Therefore, Zhonghuan has worked together to embark on the road of take-off. Speaking of the situation when buying equipment, President Yang still remembers: "The experience of renting equipment for many years has given us a comprehensive understanding of the performance, quality and even service of various brands of products. Therefore, at that time, it was almost a decisive choice to cooperate with XCMG without any hesitation. XCMG's mining machinery is well-equipped and well-known, which is a great improvement to our enterprise's strength and prestige. XCMG can bring remarkable achievements to us in threeorfour years, and XCMG is worthy of being a big player in China A leading enterprise in complete sets of mining machinery. "

in the second half of 2016, the coal market changed its weak state and entered the V-shaped recovery channel. The demand for coal increased and the mining industry recovered. Central cooperative once again seized the development opportunity to expand the scale of the enterprise and enhance the competitive advantage of the industry. It has purchased hundreds of mining machinery and equipment, including two XCMG gr230 graders. At the same time, it has reached a new cooperation agreement with XCMG heavy trucks and XCMG road. After the year, a large number of equipment will be housed in the "XCMG home" of central cooperative

the occupancy of large complete sets of mining machinery and equipment is 10 During the operation of the cold and hot shock test box, opening the box door may lead to the following adverse consequences: it has laid a solid foundation for further developing the mine market! The wind never stops and waves never stop. Central has never stopped working together to seek truth, innovation and excellence. Together with the industry giant XCMG group, it is firmly moving towards the goal of "China's leader in the field of mine construction"

Xugong equipment in the coal yard is famous for its beauty.

Zhonghuan cooperation is a veritable "home of Xugong", and 70% of the mining equipment owned by the enterprise comes from Xugong! Yongshun coal mine alone has nearly 40 XCMG equipment! Standing on the "mountain top" formed by the accumulation of coal, the close construction scene of large excavators, loaders and harvesters is spectacular. The eyeful of "XCMG gold" spread to the distance, and in recent years, dazzling golden flowers have bloomed in the coal sea. XCMG gr230 grader is particularly eye-catching in this golden age

XCMG grader

although XCMG gr230 grader has just arrived at Yongshun coal mine and "took office" soon, it bears the heavy responsibility of eliminating potential safety hazards! President Yang said that with the change of coal seams, the driving roads of open-pit coal mines change rapidly. Before the purchase of graders, loaders are used to scrape them simply, which not only has low working efficiency, but also has low road roughness, which brings great potential safety hazards to the driving of coal vehicles. The arrival of XCMG gr230 grader has provided safety guarantee for large trucks, excavators, loaders and other equipment in the mine, and greatly improved the efficiency of coal mining. "The working efficiency and effect of these two graders are very satisfactory. The leveled road surface has high flatness; after entering the freezing period, the working time can be up to 12-16 hours/day; in the non freezing period, it can be up to two shifts of 24 hours. This is really not the same level as the graders we have used before." President Yang has been full of praise for XCMG equipment

XCMG gr230 grader helps customers build coal yards

in fact, XCMG gr230 grader is not the first grader purchased jointly by central. Before that, there was another grader from an unknown manufacturer that had appeared in the mine, but it was a pity that it failed to "succeed and retire". The construction of open-pit coal mine is not as good as that of the flat land. Every slope and ramp is a great test of the quality of the grader. Without full horsepower and flexible performance, it is difficult to walk in the mine, and there is no use at all! These difficulties not only do not keep XCMG out of the mine, but also highlight the unparalleled extraordinary quality of XCMG gr230 grader and the prestige of the leading enterprise of mining machinery

in Yongshun coal mine, XCMG graders have withstood the low temperature test of more than minus 20 degrees in winter and the baptism of flying dust; Working together in central, XCMG witnessed the rise of an enterprise; In Erdos, there are countless XCMG equipment galloping in the coal sea of the mine, composing magnificent prairie songs one after another. Its strong quality and excellent performance, like XCMG's sincere heart, help everyone who trusts it to become brilliant. (this article is from XCMG)

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