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XCMG g generation helped Shaanxi female drivers enter the "Hall of honor"

XCMG g generation helped Shaanxi female drivers enter the "Hall of honor"

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on the evening of December 18, with the broadcast of CCTV "challenge impossible", for a time, Huang Fang, a girl from Hanzhong, Shaanxi, became a star in the national hoisting circle. Her tenacious perseverance and exquisite skills have become a hot topic after work. And what kind of extreme challenge has Huang Fang completed on the stage of CCTV? Recreate the wonderful challenge moment for you

the challenger of CCTV's "challenge impossible" program, Huang Fang, a girl from Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, introduces the challenge rules: the Challenger operates a crane to hoist a high-speed rotating fan, and then passes through three glass obstacles in turn. When passing the third glass obstacle, he uses the fan to extinguish all candles. If he successfully passes the three obstacles and the glass is not broken, he is successful in the challenge. The challenger has three chances

host SA Beining

SA Beining: wearing protective goggles is to prevent glass debris from splashing during the official commissioning of the 500000 ton metallurgical grade alumina process optimization energy conservation and emission reduction project of Chinalco Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd., which will hurt the judges and audience. We don't have specific data on how far the glass splash can fly, and we can't measure this, but during the rehearsal, Glass debris once splashed on our protective board and made a deep mark on it. The distance between the protective plate and the glass barrier is about 4-5 meters. The minimum gap between the fan diameter and the glass barrier is 10cm. If you don't have this protective board, you will definitely hurt people. This also proves that the project is extremely difficult and dangerous. The challenge begins now

challenge process

challenge difficulty: during the challenge process, the high-speed rotation of the fan will produce huge shaking, and the gap between the diameter of the fan and the obstacle is very small. If there is a slight deviation in the operation, the fan will break the glass. Therefore, this challenge not only requires the challenger to have superb operating skills and excellent psychological quality, but also puts forward high requirements for the stability, fretting and other performance of the crane

the Challenger drove Liu Gong's equipment to challenge

during the challenge, Huang Fang was always calm and calm, with firm eyes on the rotating electric fan, and there was only the sound of the engine in the huge studio hall. In the subtle process of Huang Fang adjusting the handle again and again, the boom was also adjusted. The shaking electric fan gradually stabilized and approached the obstacle accurately. The moment the high-speed rotating fan passed through the obstacle, the on-site judges and audience held their breath and even dared not look directly

audience watching the challenge carefully

this challenge is not only incredible in the eyes of the public, but also the old driver with more than ten years of hoisting experience does not hold any hope for Huang Fang's challenge. When the electric fan successfully blew out the last candle, thunderous applause broke out on the scene, and Huang Fang successfully completed the impossible challenge

the on-site guests watched the challenge intently.

Huang Fang, who entered the hall of honor, soon attracted widespread attention in the hoisting field across the country. More professionals analyzed the key factors for the success of the challenge, and skilled skills and excellent psychological quality are essential. In addition, XCMG g-1 crane is selected as the challenge vehicle to provide guarantee for the completion of the challenge. G generation crane's intelligent boom, winch follow-up and other world-leading crane technologies effectively ensure the stability in the lifting process

XCMG g generation helps Shaanxi female drivers enter the "Hall of honor"

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