The hottest XCMG fund boosts infrastructure constr

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"XCMG gold" boosts Algeria to improve quality stability and service life infrastructure construction in Algeria

"XCMG gold" boosts infrastructure construction in Algeria

it is understood that the national project is roughly divided into three types of mechanical information

Algeria is located in northern Africa, and the Sahara Desert crosses its southern territory. In the past decade, relying on the export of oil and natural gas, the Algerian government has formulated an economic revitalization plan and invested heavily in infrastructure construction such as highways, housing, dams, water supply, roads, railways, etc

XCMG excavators

Algeria's construction machinery industry has great market potential. Since 2010, XCMG has continued to export more than 60 excavators to Algeria, which shine on XCMG's steel body, "It has effectively and rapidly helped Algeria's infrastructure construction, adding a force to the further improvement of Algeria's infrastructure. XCMG excavator has promoted the smooth progress of engineering construction projects, helped customers create value, and won the high recognition of local customers with first-class product quality and timely and accurate after-sales service guarantee of overseas dealers

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