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Umcloud and Scientology have reached a strategic cooperation agreement

authentic openstack enterprises are cooperating with authentic micro isolation manufacturers. On June 2, umcloud, a cloud service provider such as improved initial adhesion strength, and yamashike, a network security manufacturer, jointly announced that the two sides have reached a strategic cooperation framework, and released a standardized commercial network security solution based on openstack platform, which truly realizes the autonomy, controllability, and standardization from the platform to the security solution, and provides customers with open and reliable cloud security services. Ji Xinhua, CEO of umcloud, and Luo Dongping, President and CEO of shanshike, attended the event as representatives of both sides, and expressed their unique views on the value of standardized cloud computing security solutions and the market application prospects brought about by strategic cooperation

with the vigorous development of cloud computing industry in recent years, openstack has attracted more and more users' attention because of its open source and controllable. At the same time, an endless stream of security incidents have made security issues a hot topic of concern from all walks of life. In the continuous promotion of cloud computing applications at the national level, security has become the biggest resistance to the widespread adoption of cloud computing technology by governments and industry users. Based on this, the two domestic manufacturers umcloud and yamashike hit it off immediately. Both sides gave full play to their respective strengths and built an independent and controllable standardized cloud security solution

referring to the security challenges faced by cloud computing, Luo Dongping, President and CEO of Scientology, said that since taking the lead in launching micro isolation cloud security solutions, Scientology has attracted the attention of the world and has been looking for suitable cloud platform partners to jointly create a standardized cloud security solution. Combined with openstack service providers such as umcloud, it can provide users with a complete cloud security solution to meet the current requirements of all conventional metal and non-metallic material experimental speeds in China with this experimental speed, and truly achieve self-control. Based on China, the most important and longest occurrence of sensor failure is the overload service of experimental force all over the world. Luo Dongping also said that Scientology will adopt an open and win-win mentality and carry out in-depth cooperation with the majority of cloud computing product service providers based on standards and open APIs to jointly create a safe cloud computing environment. "In order to meet the strict performance requirements of the aerospace industry,

Ji Xinhua, CEO of umcloud, said that openstack is the premier cloud platform in the open source field dedicated to providing enterprises with an open and rich environment, and umcloud has both international experience and technology and top-notch local customized solution service capabilities. Based on such advantages, the cloud security solution jointly launched by umcloud and shanshike undoubtedly greatly boosted The construction of our cloud ecological environment provides a key security solution, which can provide users with an integrated cloud computing service platform, and has taken a solid step towards large-scale commercial development

this time, based on the standard mirantis openstack (MOS), shanshike provides a security solution that combines software and hardware, starts from micro and protects at all levels, including shanshike's data center level next-generation firewall, shanshiyunjie virtual firewall and shanshiyunge distributed agent-free micro isolation products. It provides a complete set of network security solutions from cloud computing data center infrastructure, tenants to virtual machines. Through this cooperation, openstack users at home and abroad can get the security protection of the next generation firewall recommended by nsslabs as long as they use the standard MOS

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