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Ultrasonic packaging system is favored by pharmaceutical enterprises

the ultrasonic ATS corner line automatic film packaging machine of Wexler packaging products company is favored by pharmaceutical enterprises. Guardian pharmaceutical company recently purchased two sets of this type of equipment

guardian pharmaceutical company is satisfied with the performance of the product. The equipment can package different packaging carton specifications. 1. A total of 97.02% of the respondents expressed their concern about the market and technological development of circular economy. The name of the material in the industry is HFO ⑴ 234. An electrode with a length of 4 cm and a width of 8 cm was implanted in the motor sensory area on the surface of Xiao Liu's brain. High degree of packaging automation, you can use paper tape or polyethylene tape to 1 × 6 cartons are combined for ultrasonic packaging and sealing. Moreover, the machine is easy to operate. Because the cost of using strapping is lower than that of shrinking film roll, enterprises can reduce packaging costs and improve profit margins

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