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Ultra thin pure iron foil packaging material

an ultra-thin pure iron foil packaging material suitable for packaging electronic equipment and semiconductor devices was recently developed by a Japanese company, and the product was welcomed by relevant manufacturers

it is reported that this ultra-thin pure iron foil is a pure iron film with an iron content of more than 99.99%, which has five advantages: first, it has high mechanical strength, equivalent to three times the strength of hard aluminum foil and six times that of soft aluminum foil; Second, it has high permeability, good magnetic absorption ability and electromagnetic wave shielding ability; Third, it has good moisture-proof performance; Fourth, it is easy to apply adhesives and coatings on the surface of pure iron film; Fifth, the thickness of iron foil with protective cover [universal material testing machine] according to the needs of customers, it is only 20 micro. You need a cordless screwdriver or a drilling machine meter, with a width of 1. This is a kind of unprotected performance of the machine 2 meters, a lot of product information can be made as follows: production

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