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Project Overview: the main raw materials of the project are quartz stone. Within 15 kilometers from Datong County, blissful and Xiegou townships are rich in quartzite mines, with a total resource reserve of more than 20million tons and high ore quality. The second is dolomite

many dolomite ore spots have been found in Datong County, with great mining potential, mainly distributed in Xianghua Township, Xunjiang Township and other places in our county

total project investment: 1. 9 (100 million yuan) need to introduce capital 1. 9 (billion yuan)

cooperation mode: joint venture, sole proprietorship, cooperation

economic benefits: annual sales revenue of 167.2 million yuan, annual sales taxes and surcharges of 18.96 million yuan, and annual average profits. The main products include doors, windows, door jambs, corner lines, great wall panels, ceilings, etc., with a total amount of 60.4 million yuan

product usage: mainly used in instrument glass, automotive glass, LCD substrate and instruments

market prospect: according to the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" development plan of Qinghai Province and the layout of the national glass industry, float glass will be vigorously developed. The construction of this project can alleviate the shortage of ultra-thin float glass in China, with strong competitiveness and good market development potential. With the significant improvement and improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, the consumption capacity has increased, and the demand for building materials has increased rapidly. In particular, ultra-thin float glass, which represents the high-end float glass process, has been more and more widely used in production and life, with a broad market prospect

project construction conditions: the project is proposed to be located in Datong County, located in the north of Xining City, 30 kilometers away from Xining, with sufficient hydropower and energy, and the accuracy of computer-based universal material testing machine. The county is rich in quartz, dolomite and other glass production raw materials, so it has unique conditions to develop the glass industry

project progress: the project proposal and feasibility study report have been completed

contact unit: Qinghai draw the position of l/2 along the center line of the plastering surface and the bottom edge of the block to both sides (support point) provincial China Merchants Bureau

contact person: Wang Xiuzhen


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