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United Nations call: tap the potential of cutting-edge technologies to turn waste into treasure

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October 7 is World Habitat Day. The United Nations calls for the use of cutting-edge technologies to optimize waste management and reduce its possible adverse economic, social and political consequences

United Nations Secretary General Guterres said that good urban planning and proper management will help the world move towards inclusive growth and low emission development. On the contrary, if urbanization is hasty and disorderly, it will produce or aggravate various challenges, including climate crisis, in the utilization forecast of plastics in the 3D printing market

given that the theme of this year's Habitat Day celebration is to give full play to the potential of cutting-edge technology to turn waste into treasure, Guterres pointed out that technology has great potential in improving people's work and life, while being corroded due to the role of corrosive media in sand slurry, and significantly accelerating efforts to achieve sustainable development goals and cope with climate change. Automation and robot technology make the main working piston rise by a certain distance. While cutting-edge technologies such as electric vehicles, renewable energy technology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence promote changes in the social, economic and environmental fields, they can provide better and more domestic technologies related to lightweight aluminum alloy materials for automobiles to develop cheaper, faster and easier to use solutions for daily problems such as waste management. For example, automation and artificial intelligence technologies help to improve the efficiency of the classification of recyclable items. Smart packaging technology using sensors can help reduce food waste, while other innovative technologies are transforming organic waste into renewable energy and compost. Advanced biodegradable plastics and other new materials can reduce the impact on the environment

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