The hottest ultra-thin plastic bag may contain PVC

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What you don't eat in ultra-thin plastic bags may contain PVC

"now, no matter buying steamed bread, meat or vegetables, as long as I use plastic bags, I have to smell them first. If they don't taste right, I don't buy them at all..." Wu Guang, deputy director of the Enterprise Service Bureau of the Management Committee of Harbin high tech Development Zone, said this

according to Wu Guang's instructions, it is found that there are indeed many businesses, which are the key link in the promotion and utilization of new materials. Vendors are using ultra-thin plastic bags with pungent smell. Xiao Yaqing said that some plastic bags are very choking, and most fried dough sticks stalls in the morning market are using this ultra-thin plastic bag. According to the vendors in the morning market, this kind of ultra-thin plastic bag is specially delivered. It only costs a few cents. Now no one cares about the plastic bag. Everyone is using this kind of plastic bag to sell goods

chenhuiru, a member of the municipal CPPCC and senior engineer, has just retired. Before her retirement, she was the director of the publicity and Education Office of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Daowai District and the head of the environmental monitoring station. She organized nearly 10000 enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, changsanjiao and zhusanjiao to participate in the cleaner production capacity improvement training. In recent years, her proposals are all about the pollution and treatment of plastic bags. According to her introduction, many small workshops of waste plastic treatment plants have gathered in the urban-rural junction of our city. They treat waste plastics into granular raw materials to sell money. Many of these granular raw materials have been processed into ultra-thin plastic bags. The tasty plastic bags mentioned by Wu Guang are basically these ultra-thin plastic bags, which are tasty because they contain PVC

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