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Ultra thin plastic bags have become a substitute for lunch boxes, endangering health

although the plastic restriction order has been implemented for many years, the use of ultra-thin plastic bags is still high in Xining farmers' markets and catering places. What is more disturbing is that in many small and medium-sized restaurants, ultra-thin plastic bags have become a substitute for lunch boxes. Restaurant operators put hot food into ultra-thin plastic bags for many customers to take home. As everyone knows, plastic bags will release toxic substances when encountering high temperatures, and people seek to improve services "is the ultimate goal of the company. Long term consumption of high-temperature food contained in plastic bags will be harmful to health

recently, it was found that ultra-thin plastic bags are widely used in small and medium-sized restaurants. Restaurant operators use ultra-thin plastic bags as a substitute for lunch boxes and provide them to customers who need to pack. In the morning, in some small restaurants, operators put very hot soymilk into plastic bags, or put hot steamed buns and fried dough sticks into plastic bags and handed them to customers to take away. In individual breakfast shops, the control and positioning are accurate. The operators put plastic bags on porcelain bowls, put hot soymilk, bean curd and other foods in them, and hand them to the primary school students and their parents for eating. Many restaurant operators are almost used to using plastic bags to hold Malatang, rice noodles, dumplings, noodles, etc. that have just come out of the pot, and hand them to customers who come to buy them and are ready to take them home or eat them at work. When customers see the operators pick up hot food from the steaming pot and put it into plastic bags, they are often used to taking the plastic bags from the operators and leaving. According to relevant experts, plastic bags will release toxic substances when encountering high temperatures. When the temperature generally exceeds 70 ℃, the toxic components in the plastic bag will seep out, thus polluting the food. Long term consumption of such food will cause harm to human body

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