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Experience innovation is refreshing

on September 1, 2011, the 2011 China label innovation seminar co sponsored by Allie Dennison of the United States and the label and labeling magazine of tasus group of the United Kingdom was grandly held in Crowne Plaza Venice, Shenzhen. This is the second cooperation between the two sides after the first seminar in Zhuhai. As the first cooperation project brand of both parties, China label innovation aims to provide timely and accurate market information for processors, media, senior managers and technicians in China's self-adhesive label industry, build a platform for industry communication, and promote the exchange and improvement of innovation. The seminar focused on the development trend of the global label and packaging industry, self-adhesive label materials, digital printing, printing equipment solutions, and innovative solutions for the red wine and electronic and electrical industries. On the day of the seminar, nearly 100 senior managers and technical directors from printing and processing industries in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places attended the seminar

on the day of the seminar, John Davy, project director of tassus group in Asia, released the latest development data of the global label and packaging industry. The label printing market is facing opportunities in globalization, digitization and environmental protection. Due to the particularity of the use of experimental machine fixtures and the continuous emergence of new materials, the design of fixtures has always been in a passive situation, and we will encounter new materials and challenges every day. The data shows that the global self-adhesive printing market is shifting to emerging markets such as China, India and Brazil. China's label printing processors should grasp the opportunities brought by the rapid development of the market in the past two years, tap their own potential, consolidate their own advantages and expand their own market share

the seminar also invited senior lecturers from langtao brand consulting Co., Ltd. to bring potential trends of packaging design to on-site customers in the next decade. The matching of packaging materials and printing technology is the goal we have been pursuing. The continuous expansion of packaging area and the highlighting of unique product packaging will become the trends of packaging in the future, bringing a brand-new packaging experience to the customers present, Today's printing industry is not only related to printing technology and packaging materials. If we can understand the development trend of packaging, it will be of great help to the future development of printing processors

Mr. Chen Shu, marketing manager of Allie Dennison, brought a new and interesting speech on the application of red wine adhesive to on-site customers. Classical, new tradition, simplicity, innovation, humor and other keywords have become the new trend of red wine label design. How to achieve novel and eye-catching effects through label design is only one aspect. The selection of label materials and the application of printing technology are very important, Ellie Dennison's self-adhesive label solution has brought customers more choices and a sense of renewal

at the same time, as one of China's important electronic and electrical appliance production bases, many customers expressed strong interest in electronic labels on the day of the seminar. Wangzimao, the industry manager of allidenison's durable products, explained the market segments concerned by customers, such as battery labels, pop materials, cable labels, textured adhesives, and fire-resistant pet, and had on-site interaction with the person in charge of the printing plant, which benefited both listeners and speakers

in order to let the customers present understand the comprehensive solutions of the label industry, the seminar also invited the partners Shanghai Sun Machinery Co., Ltd. and China HP Co., Ltd. to give a speech on printing equipment and digital printing, which was also highly praised by the audience

as for the holding of this seminar, Mr. John Davy, project director of tassus group in Asia, said that the theme of this seminar is very rich and in-depth, and I believe it will bring more value and experience to the guests present. At the same time, Mr. Shan Yongping, sales director of Allie Dennison, also affirmed this cooperation project, and said that the purpose of holding the seminar was to make customers better understand the development trend of the adhesive industry. Allie Dennison is willing to share industry information with customers and grow together

in the face of complex and uncertain international and macroeconomic situations, we should comprehensively grasp the global consulting and seize the fleeting market growth opportunities. Alidenison, the mainstream supplier in the industry, and label & label magazine, the mainstream media, will continue to work together to build a platform for local processors to master global information, receive new technologies and ideas, and bring more information consultation and stronger value experience to customers

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