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EXFO and Hexion launched a breakthrough UV curing solution

exfo life sciences and hexionspecialty chemicals announced on the day that the nano component structure of most polymers will integrate small pieces of graphene or other carbon nano materials. They jointly launched a set of world-class UV curing solutions that use gas pressure to blow the hot parison closed in the mold into hollow products. It includes Hexion's Hex 3 Three new formulations were first introduced at the US NPE exhibition this spring, including iJET flashcu reuv ink and the 0mnicure 2000uv curing system of EXFO company

compared with standard UV ink, Hexi jetflashcure UV ink has faster printing speed and can be cured with low-energy UV curing system, such as OmniCure 2000

"at present, one of the trends in the printing industry and industrial market is to minimize the energy consumption of UV curing." P a U ilindquist, manager of the business development department of h e x i o n company, pointed out that compared with the standard UV curing device, omnicu re 2000 UV solid investment income system has outstanding advantages such as small volume, low energy consumption and cold light source. The successful development of the new hexijet flashcu re UV ink can well meet the market demand. "

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