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Experience evaluation how about AO Smith r600etd1 kitchen water purifier? Is it good to reveal the secret word of mouth

ao Smith r600etd1 kitchen water purifier, as a popular model of Smith, has attracted the attention of many friends. Let's take a look at the experience, detailed configuration and user comments of using this Smith r600etd1 kitchen water purifier, which may help you choose Smith r600etd1 kitchen water purifier for reference

I. Smith r600etd1 hands-on experience:

reference price: ¥ 5258.00 (click to view the official activity quotation of tmall)

experience: to be honest, the Smith r600etd1 kitchen water purifier is pretty good after use. The sex price ratio is quite high, and the appearance is more fashionable. The overall look is quite atmospheric. The appearance is tough and the texture is quite good, I just bought it myself. It's really OK. The machine is in good condition and of good quality. The installation has been arranged very soon. The installer installed it very carefully. It was very good. Perfect. The flow rate of water is acceptable, and it is generally satisfactory now. More advantages and disadvantages evaluation details

II. Detailed configuration parameters of Smith r600etd1:

Product Name: a.o.smith/Smith R600

III. other users' comments on Smith r600etd1:

1. The water purifier is installed, and the installer has a good attitude. After installation, he teaches you how to use it. He also tells you that the adjustment range of injection speed usually requires 1:10. Because I haven't checked in, I haven't used it yet, but I believe in big brands

2. This water purifier has a large water output and obvious filtering effect. The installer is also very serious and responsible. It is a satisfactory service experience to install on time and explain the use method carefully. When the next activity is held, we are going to combine several vegetables packed in plastic bags into one. Again, tighten the screws

3. I am very satisfied with the shopping. The installer has a friendly and professional attitude. I am very satisfied. I will choose 3 for the next new home Modify the fixture surface to select Smith, a big brand, and the quality of water parts and equipment are very good

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