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Sany Myanmar Service Engineer Xie Jieke: service system omnipotent hand

Sany Myanmar Service Engineer Xie Jieke: service system omnipotent hand

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although I am very busy every day, I feel very full and enjoy it. People should not choose comfort in the years when they can bear hardships most—— Xie Jieke

Xie Jieke, service engineer of Sany Myanmar subsidiary, joined the company in 2010 and successively engaged in after-sales service and technical support in Sany Philippines and Myanmar

Xie Jieke (right) is explaining technical problems to customers

according to the human resource allocation of Myanmar subsidiary, while serving as Myanmar technical support, Jieke also needs to serve as Asia Pacific service management specialist and parts management specialist. You may think that there are many young people, but it is not impossible to accept several challenges in the development process of the hydraulic universal experimental machine, but the difference is that in September 2013, due to physical reasons, Jack left overseas and returned to Changsha, China for recuperation. He has just recovered and returned to overseas jobs and is facing great work challenges

technical support and parts management are tasks that require high timeliness, and the corresponding purchase orders need to be entered into the company's system. Faced with the poor network environment in Myanmar, Jack, whose length is more than 250 mm, mostly distributes the work of service management during the day. Of course, he also has to deal with the work of parts procurement and corresponding order entry system in the middle of the night or early morning. In order to improve the timeliness of parts supply in Myanmar, he kept effective communication with the company's parts management and logistics departments for two months, which significantly improved the satisfaction of Myanmar customers with parts supply. In these two months, nearly 300000 US dollars of overdue parts were successfully recovered, more than 100000 US dollars of gold parts were successfully sold, and a US $150000 purchase intention order for excavator parts was successfully reached

in her daily work, Xie Jieke is also a dedicated person who spares no effort and is willing to help others. While dealing with her own work, she also assists colleagues to carry out service work from time to time, provides training for agents, assists colleagues to communicate with agents about the company's service tasks, and assists in the technical support of pumping and port machinery equipment

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