The hottest steel began to dismantle the equipment

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Steel production capacity began to dismantle equipment

our news (Baibo) the equipment demolition workers in the north area of Tangshan Fengnan District Co., Ltd. completed the work with a eaves height of 5.1 meters in just 10 days, and recently began one after another, involving a total steel production capacity of 3.56 million tons. Among them, the production capacity of 1.34 million tons is the target of Tangshan's task of reducing steel production capacity if the oil delivery valve of Tangshan electronic universal experimental machine shows abnormal sound or vibration this year. This is the first batch of smelting equipment demolished by Tangshan to implement the task of reducing steel production capacity this year

as a big city in China's iron and steel industry, Tangshan has actively responded to the national industrial policy in recent years and actively accelerated the pace of "de capacity". This year, Tangshan will reduce its steel production capacity by 7.81 million tons, including 2.81 million tons of iron making capacity and 5 million tons of steel-making capacity. At present, the indicators have been implemented to all units at all levels, and it is required to complete them by the end of November

Guofeng iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 1983. By the end of 2017, the company had total assets of 17.691 billion yuan and more than 7800 employees. It is reported that the friction and wear performance of parts and components in the company's mechanical equipment is determined by factors such as the material's working state, contact mode and environmental conditions before using the impact testing machine to manipulate the data. By the end of the year, three 450 cubic meter blast furnaces, two 50 ton converters, one 40 ton converter, steel rolling and its ancillary equipment will be demolished, involving a total iron making capacity of 1.56 million tons and a steel-making capacity of 2 million tons

among them, 580000 tons of iron making capacity belongs to the reduction task in 2017 (the relevant equipment has been sealed in the same year), 260000 tons of iron making capacity and 1.08 million tons of steel-making capacity are the targets for the implementation of the reduction of iron and steel production capacity in Tangshan this year, and the remaining capacity has been listed in Shougang phase II and other transformation and upgrading projects for capacity replacement

Fengnan District is the key iron and steel production area in Tangshan city. There are 10 original iron and steel smelting enterprises in the District, with a comprehensive capacity of 26million tons. It is an important strip steel production base in the country. In 2018, Tangshan assigned Fengnan District the task of reducing excess capacity to 2.28 million tons of iron making capacity and 2.28 million tons of steel-making capacity, accounting for 81.1% and 45.6% of the total task of Tangshan City, respectively. At present, Fengnan District has divided the tasks into specific equipment and plans to complete them all by November 15

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