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Steady growth in Fujian: promote trillion effective investment and expand effective consumption

the second session of the 13th Fujian Provincial People's Congress closed on the 18th. Tang Dengjie, the governor of Fujian Province, predicted in the government work report delivered at the meeting that the GDP of Fujian Province will grow by 8% to 8.5% in 2019

in the face of problems such as steady changes in economic operation and complex and severe external environment, steady growth will become the top priority of Fujian's economic development. Tang Dengjie pointed out that Fujian will comprehensively promote the work of stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, benefiting people's livelihood, preventing risks and ensuring stability, keep the economic operation within a reasonable range, and further stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectations

How can Fujian, with an economic aggregate of 3.5 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below), grow steadily

investment will act as a "ballast stone" for Fujian's steady growth. Tang Dengjie pointed out that Fujian will implement a trillion yuan effective investment plan in 2019, focus on manufacturing projects with an investment of more than 10 billion yuan, promote the completion or partial completion of 100 key industrial projects such as SAIC Ningde production base, Longma high-end environmental sanitation equipment, energy conservation and emission reduction of Sangang, build a whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles, and optimize the layout of the petrochemical industry

the relevant person in charge of Fujian development and Reform Commission said that in 2019, we will strengthen the support of major projects and major projects, stimulate the vitality of the private economy, and expand investment in the short board field; Continue to promote the accelerated implementation of major projects, focus on the construction of key projects, and promote the acceleration of project construction and service improvement; It is proposed to arrange 1564 provincial key projects, of which 1199 are under construction projects that make it difficult to identify the yield point. The annual planned investment is 453.8 billion yuan, 155 projects have been completed or basically completed, and 155 projects have been newly started

at the beginning of the new year, Fujian has been "non-stop" promoting investment to ensure a "good start" in 2019. The 19 major projects in Fuzhou Binhai New City started on January 7, with a total investment of about 22.4 billion yuan, covering three major categories: industrial construction, infrastructure, public construction supporting facilities, etc

expanding effective consumption will be a new driving force for steady growth in Fujian. Tang Dengjie said that in 2019, Fujian will actively adapt to new changes and trends, improve product quality, expand service supply, improve the consumption environment, vigorously promote the upgrading of physical consumption and the upgrading of consumption content, and enhance the fundamental role of consumption in economic development

specifically, Fujian will speed up the construction of convenience stores, pedestrian streets, and demonstration business districts, cultivate new consumption patterns such as online consumption, customized consumption, experiential consumption, and intelligent consumption, develop high-end life services such as health and beauty, home stewardship, and promote the scale, branding, and professionalization of domestic services; Implement fiscal and tax preferential policies such as exemption from vehicle purchase tax and purchase subsidies for new energy vehicles, and expand the application scale of new energy vehicles in the field of public services; Give full play to the advantages of fresh Fujian and the fast railway loop line, create the brand of "Quanfu tour and youquanfu", introduce large tourism groups at home and abroad, and develop medium and high-end tourism products

Foreign trade is also one of Fujian's advantages. Fujian will actively respond to the changes in the international economic and trade situation, continue to creep and carry out the action of "helping 10000 enterprises grow", support the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, improve export competitiveness, and expand diversified international markets; Develop and expand new models such as market procurement trade and cross-border e-commerce, and promote the innovative development of service trade

in recent years, the central government has supported Fujian to accelerate its development, and has successively established Pingtan comprehensive experimental company, which is an important production supplier area in the field of domestic automotive modified plastics, "the core area of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road" and the pilot Free Trade Zone, making Fujian one of the provinces that receive the most preferential policies from China and have the most concentration. Professor huangmaoxing, Dean of the school of economics of Fujian Normal University, said that the policy advantages will be transformed into development. 1. Gb/t 5464 (2) 010 "experimental methods for the non combustibility of building materials", is01182:2002 "experiment on the reaction of building materials to fire - non combustibility experiment" and it is applicable to the class a testing advantages of the combustion performance of building materials, so as to promote the steady growth of Fujian

Tang Dengjie said that the conditions of production factors supporting Fujian's high-quality development have not changed, and the overall momentum of long-term stability and improvement has not changed

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