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Steel from steel to "steel procurement season": new channels for building materials procurement in special periods

steel from steel to "steel procurement season": new channels for building materials procurement in special periods

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"the wise change with the times, and the wise make with the things." The "steel procurement season" held by steel from steel to steel, through the online procurement Festival, allows new and old customers across Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei who are still affected by the epidemic to understand and participate in this activity through the network platform. Another way to open the procurement season is to try a new channel, so as to generate more business opportunities in special periods

ganglaigangxiang is a smart steel industry internet platform, which aims to provide trading desks for the upstream and downstream of the steel industry chain, suitable for the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics, warehousing and logistics, supply chain finance, risk management and other services, and is committed to using AI Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, big data and other scientific and technological tools to empower the steel industry with new technologies, new ideas and new models. Nowadays, steel coming and steel going has an influence that cannot be ignored within the scope of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. "If you are poor, you will change; if you change, you will be flexible; if you pass, you will last for a long time". In the face of the challenge of the epidemic, ganglai steel is deeply aware of the importance of changing thinking, and hopes to open a new pattern of online and offline dual channel business for buyers in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region with the help of this procurement season

it is understood that this online procurement season mainly promotes construction materials such as grade III anti-seismic deformed steel bars, grade III anti-seismic spiral bolts, grade III deformed steel bars, and grade IV anti-seismic deformed steel bars, involving more than 1000 high-quality items from more than 60 well-known brand agents such as zerenhe, meimingyang, Chengtong international, rongchengbenyuan, Kaixuan Yida, zhongjutai, Zhongheng Taida, etc, Varieties and then press the ENT confirmation key (Note: the time of pressing the ENT confirmation key must not be too long. It is complete and of superior quality. In addition, four gold medal shopkeepers of the platform are also selected in the procurement season to provide buyers with more timely, professional and detailed personalized procurement services.

during the epidemic, all walks of life can quickly find the completed experimental data and results according to different conditions and accept severe examinations. "A skillful woman cannot make bricks without straw", the sales and business pressure of the enterprise is obvious. As the digital technology continues to mature, the relationship between the steel industry and the digital network is becoming closer and closer, and the transformation, interconnection and integration has become an inevitable trend. Steel to steel has always been adhering to the purpose of "making suppliers more profitable and buyers more convenient", accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the traditional steel industry, opening new "channels" in special periods, seeking new development for suppliers, applying advanced technology and new ways, and providing more personalized services for buyers. On July 31, the steel to steel purchasing season activities, in the steel to steel to officials waiting for you to buy

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