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Steam whistle low shear pump solves the problem of pumping yeast

it can be said that yeast is the most important other ingredient in the brewing process. This unicellular organism feeds on simple sugars such as glucose and maltose and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. The latter makes beer like pilsners produce foam. Therefore, when pumping yeast in the brewery, we need to be very careful to avoid any

it can be said that yeast is the most important ingredient in the brewing process. This unicellular organism should choose simple sugars such as lead screw driven glucose and maltose as food to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. The latter makes beer like pilsners produce foam

therefore, great care should be taken when pumping yeast in the brewery to avoid any damage that may reduce the effectiveness of yeast

there is a brewery named steam whistle that recognizes this important fact. The plant has purchased a masosine certa pump from Watson Marlowe fluid technology group (wmftg) and is in good operation

the Toronto brewery initially planned to use the pump in a brewery designed by Esau Hueber, a global leader in beer brewing equipment. Now, its use has been repositioned as a portable pump solution to pump yeast efficiently and reliably

asosine certa is designed to improve the fermentation level without destroying yeast cells, so as to improve the overall quality and taste of beer. Taste is very important to consumers and has become an important feature of a brewery that distinguishes it from its competitors. Therefore, the process of the brewery should ensure that the beer tastes the same, and the overall taste of beer in different barrels will not be different

story of steam whistle

in the past two decades, metallography mainly refers to the branch of materials science that analyzes, studies and characterizes the microstructure, macrostructure and fracture structure of materials with the help of metallographic microscope and stereomicroscope. Steam whistle has grown from a dream conceived by a fireside to one of the largest and most popular independent breweries in Canada

steam whistle's Pilsner Beer is brewed in the historic Roundhouse on John Street near the famous Canadian national television tower base in Toronto. Roundhouse used to be the steam locomotive repair shop of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, which provided power for trains that helped expand national boundaries, and therefore inspired the name of the brewery

steam whistle is the only existing Pilsner brewery in the world that still abides by the Bavarian purity act of 1516. Beer contains no corn syrup, foam enhancers, and no artificial preservatives. The company only brews pure spring water, germinated barley, hops and yeast

difficulties in pumping yeast

there are certain difficulties in pumping yeast. For example, a low shear pump must be used to avoid yeast damage as much as possible. Practice has proved that masosine from wmftg is very effective, and steam whistle happens to have such a pump

esau Hueber designed a three pot brewing system for steam whistle with 125 HL@12.0 Wort treatment, water balance and CIP at the speed of ° P. The design and engineering design of this brewery built with the latest brewery technology meet the requirements of ULC, CSA and tssa-crn r regulations, so as to ensure that in the most Jinan period, cement pipes usually adopt the standard gb/t 11836 (2) 009 "concrete and reinforced concrete drainage pipes" to test the mechanical properties of the compressive strength of this material for good wort quality and efficiency

masosine certa 100, supplied as part of the brewery, is also considered to play a positive role in yeast transportation in other parts of steam whistle brewery

with the support of wmftg Canada and Fabio Martino, a senior sales engineer, the efficient certa 100 is now completely portable

in the past, wmftg Canada and Fabio Martino have worked together successfully on a number of process and fluid solutions for steam whistle, including the maintenance of Bredel hose pumps. Steam whistle specially designed carts are also equipped with variable frequency drives (VFDs) to help further optimize energy efficiency

low shear and low pulsation

steam whistle's pumps are used to transport various yeasts in multiple cans located in different locations of the brewery when needed. This work has been carried out for 18 months and has proved to have advantages over diaphragm pumps. For example, it does not need to consume gas like a diaphragm pump, which reduces energy consumption and cost. At the same time, smooth and low shear pumping is ensured, and cleaning and maintenance are also greatly convenient

masosine certa pump is specially designed for low shear, excellent viscous product processing, with almost no pulsation. Unlike traditional rotor pumps, certa's sinusoidal rotor can gently move fluid through the pump, significantly reducing the shear force

at the same time, when transporting high viscosity substances (such as yeast), the power consumption will be reduced by 50%. Certa pumps are ideal for the food and beverage industry and meet EHEDG El I and 3a sterility certification standards. Certa100 is the smallest of the seven pumps, with a flow rate of 99000 L/h and a pressure of 15 bar

other applications

certa100 has achieved success in yeast transmission. Steam whistle plans to use it in other occasions, and is currently conducting a feasibility assessment

in other parts of the company, Bredel hose pumps, which have been used for a long time, are used as part of the diatomite process (DE). This is an efficient and flexible beer clarification and filtration technology. De is highly abrasive and Bredel hose pump is ideal for this application

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