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Discussion on safe mining technology of coal mine

coal is the grain of industry, accounting for 70% of China's energy structure. At present, China's proven coal reserves have reached 900billion tons. Based on the annual mining of 1.5 billion tons, the mining can continue for at least 400 years. China's oil and natural gas resources are limited, and in the future, they can only be supplemented by coal derived oil and coal derived gas. Therefore, the safe and economic mining of coal plays a very important role in our national economy

coal mine geology is complex and changeable. Coal mining, including the excavation of roadways and the layout of working faces, is carried out hundreds of meters or even nearly kilometers underground. With the continuous advance of coal mining and tunneling faces, the mined coal seams and strata are damaged. Therefore, how to mine safely and efficiently is particularly important. At present, first, according to the characteristics of coal mine engineering, through the prediction and prediction of mine pressure, control design and control effect, so as to achieve scientific and safe mining; The second is to fill the goaf in kind to avoid collapse, achieve safe production, and increase the mining volume at the same time

1 guide safe mining with the theory of mine pressure

1.1 relevant concepts of the theory of mine pressure

the prediction and prediction of mine pressure is based on the practical theoretical system of mine pressure established by academician song Zhenqi of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The theoretical system includes the following main contents: first, it explains various kinds of mine pressure phenomena and uses the obtained "mine pressure behavior" to infer the distribution of mine pressure and the movement of overlying strata. The second is to reveal the relationship between "mine pressure" and its "appearance" and the overlying rock layer and its development and change law with the advance of the stope. Through on-site observation, the movement of the stope roof is inferred, and the size distribution of the abutment pressure is analyzed, which provides a basis for the correct establishment of stope pressure and control design. Thirdly, it points out the range of overlying strata that affect the ground pressure and appearance, generally including "direct roof" and "main roof". Mining conditions such as mining height, mining procedure and roof treatment method can be artificially controlled. Fourthly, it puts forward the establishment of the equation of state, the design criteria of roof control and the corresponding mechanical guarantee conditions in the production site. Fifthly, the concept of slow and continuous loading and unloading capacity of stope support is put forward, which provides a basis for reasonable selection of stope support form and determination of support density

1.2 guiding effect of theory on production practice

our technicians directly use the mine pressure theory to guide the on-site production practice, mainly using the following methods: first, according to the specific coal seam mining technical conditions, we combine the prediction and prediction of mining pressure and roof activity, control design and control effect, forming a relatively complete control means. Secondly, aiming at solving the practical problems of engineering control, the unity of theory and practice is realized. The main methods are as follows: first, the roof control range and structural parameters are determined by observing the roof dynamics; Second, the "roof dynamic instrument" has been successfully developed to improve the measurement accuracy; The third is the successful development of the "roof dynamic monitoring computer system"

1.3 combination of engineering theory and high-tech

there is a big gap between China's coal industry and developed coal producing countries, mainly due to frequent coal mine accidents, the highest casualty rate in the world, and serious surface subsidence disasters. Accidents and disasters are caused by not knowing and mastering the law of rock movement and stress field development and change with the advance of the stope, and digging tunnels and carrying out mining work at the wrong time and in the wrong position. The reliable control of various accidents and disasters can only be realized on the basis of understanding the overburden movement and the stress field stress size and distribution law under different mining conditions. Therefore, we must grasp the fundamental of controlling the strata movement and stress conditions caused by accidents, and achieve the goal of safe and efficient coal mining by correctly designing and selecting mining conditions (including controlling the length of the mining face, mining height parameters, selecting the correct mining procedures and gob treatment methods, etc.)

in view of the complex geological conditions of coal mining in China, the low level of mechanization and the low quality of technical and management personnel, the electronic tensile testing machine is actually not just a large-scale mining of coal under the condition of simply doing tensile tests. Therefore, we must rely on the theory of mining engineering in China, especially the theory and practical results of mine pressure and rock strata movement control, and make full use of the achievements of modern information technology, Establish a scientific decision-making system, realize the informatization, intellectualization and visualization of safe mining decision-making, and thoroughly polyurethane: the transformers in the materials reverse the situation of long-term low-level manual decision-making based on empirical statistics, and promote the decision-making of coal mine safety and high-efficiency mining to the development stage of scientific and quantitative geological conditions of specific coal seams

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