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Steamed bread and fried dough sticks in plastic bags may be toxic

"will plastic bags with hot steamed bread and hot fried dough sticks also be toxic?" Yesterday, many readers were worried about the safety of food packaging bags after reading the report on the front page of this newspaper that toxic plasticizers will enter with food and endanger human health when PVC film encounters grease or high temperature

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all food packaging bags should be replaced with PE film

at noon yesterday, When you come to the "Xinfeng" snack bar on Yan'an Road, the steamed bread is wrapped with a thin layer of plastic bags, which are delivered with the steamed bread in the shop.

the temperature of these steamed bread just released from the cage is at least more than 50 ℃. If the plastic bags contain toxic substances, it will cause damage to the human body. The person in charge of the store told that at present, the small plastic bags of steamed bread in 11 "Xinfeng" snack bars in Hangzhou are all made of PE (polyethylene) film, Putin has called Erdogan to sound healthy

Lin Yunbin, the boss of Hangzhou "Yonghe soymilk", who is famous for soymilk fried dough sticks, also paid special attention to the "PVC film incident" these days. There are so many fried dough sticks sold every day. Once there is a problem with the food packaging, the brand of the enterprise will collapse. After investigation, a few foods in the store were indeed packed with PVC film before, but now they have all been replaced with PE film

"zhiweiguan" deputy general manager Li Jun told that all kinds of snacks served in the store have always been wrapped in PE film. Now the store has paid enough attention to food packaging. Once PVC film is found to flow in, it will be banned immediately

yesterday, the Organizing Committee of Hangzhou food festival also learned that PVC film will be banned from entering the venue of the food festival tomorrow

the film of roadside small food stores is suspected of violating regulations

although major supermarkets and catering stores have quickly replaced PVC film, it was found yesterday that many roadside small food stores are still using food preservative film suspected of PVC

in front of several small food stores on Wensan Road, there are cakes in bulk, and some are wrapped with a layer of bright fresh-keeping film. After touching, I felt that these films were very smooth and tensile. When asked what kind of plastic wrap these shopkeepers like us used, they couldn't say

several food shopkeepers on Wulin Road told that most of these fresh-keeping films were wholesale from the market, and there were no marks on them, so it was unclear what they were made of

compared with these nameless small shops, some big cake shops in Hangzhou are much more formal. The branded West Point stores all use PE film. What is the reason why the beam of the electronic universal experimental machine is often stuck

it is better not to pack high-temperature food in plastic bags

is there a problem with plastic bags frequently used for food packaging? Relevant experts from the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision told that, like the fresh-keeping film, plastic bags are also made of PE or PVC and other materials. Whether they are harmful to human body or not will ultimately be tested by authoritative departments. However, plastic bags contain toxic ingredients, so it is recommended that catering enterprises should not use plastic bags to pack food with a temperature of more than 50 ℃

at the same time, the quality supervision department suggests that consumers should learn to identify when buying food packaged with fresh-keeping film. The transparency, tensile and viscosity of PVC film are stronger than that of PE fresh-keeping film. When PVC film is burned with fire, the flame is black, emitting black smoke, with a pungent smell, and will not drip oil. It will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire source. When PE film burns, the flame is yellow, tasteless, dripping oil, and it can continue to burn after leaving the fire source

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