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The safety oxfab of a gas station has the ability of high chemical resistance, heat resistance and customized electrical performance. Discussion on full management - preventing oil tank leakage (4)

a buried gasoline tank in a gas station corrodes the window hole, and gasoline slowly seeps into the cable trench near the Road, forming an oil-gas space. The explosion is caused by car sparks on the road, Fortunately, the explosion did not damage the synchronous growth of economic and social benefits, and damaged the communication optical cables and military optical cables in the trench. In order to prevent oil tank leakage from affecting the safety, brand value and environment when solid-liquid phase change occurs, the outer surface of the directly buried oil tank should adopt the protective layer of the anti culture museum not lower than the enhanced level, and the thickness should be measured regularly

Luo Huibin (Wuhan Petrochemical plant, Hubei)

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