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XCMG - the steel "bridge" of China Russia friendship

this year marks 70 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. China is Russia's largest trading partner, and the cooperation between the two countries in energy, aerospace, science and technology and other fields has yielded fruitful results. As a leading enterprise of Chinese construction machinery, XCMG group won the favor of the Russian market with high-quality products as early as 2001, and built a steel "bridge" of Sino Russian friendship

at 69 ° n, the largest port city along the Arctic Ocean needs to replace different auxiliary tools to complete the tensile test city - Murmansk, Russia. More than 10 XCMG crawler cranes are participating in the hoisting operation of the wharf project in the local port. Located in the Arctic Circle, XCMG equipment still performs strongly and commendably under the local low temperature conditions

from Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow to Kirov stadium in St. Petersburg, from Kaliningrad to Ekaterinburg, the cheers and shouts of the 2018 World Cup of major technical specifications in Russia still seem to echo there, and the figure and mark of XCMG equipment behind the construction of these venues seem to be still in front of us

XCMG equipment helps the construction of various venues of the world cup in Russia

Moscow metro project, Moscow new city project, high-speed rail project, natural gas pipeline laying project and Crimea bridge construction project. On the construction sites of many key projects in Russia, XCMG equipment has a broad and far-reaching footprint

XCMG xg480d continuous wall grab participated in the Moscow metro construction project

XCMG xr150d participated in the Russian business center construction project

XCMG crane participated in the Novosibirsk highway construction project

three XCMG 150 ton crawler cranes participated in the Novosibirsk third largest road and bridge construction project

XCMG QY100K participated in the Baikal Lake scientific research project

as China's first and the world's sixth multinational construction machinery enterprise, In the past 20 years since entering the Russian market, XCMG has thoroughly implemented the "going global" strategy and continued to build high-quality products. The sales volume has increased year by year, with the market holding of more than 80000 units

the products cover lifting machinery, shoveling machinery, mining machinery, road machinery, piling machinery, special machinery and equipment, mining machinery and equipment, etc. the high-quality products launched according to the needs of the Russian market have made XCMG rank first in the market share of Chinese brands for many years

XCMG lw500k loader is constructed under the extremely cold working condition of minus 20 degrees

XCMG mining equipment is operating in Yamal mining area, Russia

XCMG Russia came into being in 2013. The joining of a large number of local Russian employees not only deepened the friendship, but also made XCMG more integrated into the local culture and life of Russia

group photo of XCMG Russian employees and customers

at the same time, XCMG Russia has carried out the leasing business of financial leasing and operating leasing, and set up 15 service spare parts centers or service points with Moscow as the center. The advantages of high processing accuracy and unloading the pressure of the hydraulic system cover the six administrative regions of Russia, providing one-stop solutions for local customers at the first time

XCMG's complete set of chemical equipment solutions exported to Russia

in fact, XCMG has done much more in Russia. Lan'ai help - XCMG group's global public welfare Russia station, XCMG fixed a point to help a disabled orphanage in Moscow, visit and care for the orphans and disabled children there, and send them toy cars and school supplies, which has been widely praised by the local people

in this expectation of the Chinese and Russian people, XCMG is willing to turn XCMG's steel arm into a hand of friendship, turn the golden giant into a bridge to the other side of friendship, and jointly open the happy door of win-win cooperation between the two countries

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