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Steel to steel to the first steel procurement Festival: open the end buyer's strategy of saving money in June

steel to steel to the first steel procurement Festival: open the end buyer's strategy of saving money in June

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on June 18, 2010, "mid-618 Carnival" officially appeared on the stage of Internet history. At that time, no one expected that "618" would become the annual Mid Year Carnival in the entire Internet field in China. Now, "618" has gone through a full decade, creating one after another brilliant achievements in the field of e-commerce. However, in the carnival June of this year, there was not only "618", but also the steel procurement festival in June

in the special environment of this year's epidemic, many steel mills and steel traders are facing tests and business pressures. As the first steel procurement Festival after the epidemic, steel to steel to not only want to create a mid year carnival for the B2B steel industry, but also shoulder the important task of helping steel mills and steel traders to stock, reduce the procurement costs of end buyers, and help the healthy development of the steel industry

large factories gather and do their best in the steel purchase Festival

the steel to steel to steel platform is an important tool to integrate the promising resources of the steel and plastic recycling manufacturing industry and reduce production capacity. The main goal is to reduce the transaction process, cut down layers of middlemen, and finally realize the direct transfer from steel mills, first-class steel traders to end buyers on the basis of general plastic engineering and high-performance engineering plastics, So as to improve the transaction flow efficiency of the whole steel industry chain

this time, ganglai steel gathered well-known steel mills at the first steel procurement Festival, focusing on building materials. More than 1000 kinds of single products were put on the shelves, including Hebei Jingye, Hegang Xuangang, Hebei Xinda, Tianjin Youfa, Tangshan Donghua, Tangyin steel, Qian'an Jiujiang, Jinxi and other brand steel mills. It is reported that on the first day of the launch of the steel procurement Festival, Hebei dedicated grade III anti-seismic deformed steel bar has become the hottest star commodity of the steel procurement Festival, with the number of views and purchases ranking first

start the strategy of saving money and time for end buyers

this steel to steel procurement festival will select 12 kinds of high-quality sources for end buyers every day. The specifications of building materials are complete, and the official strictly selects high quality, which can meet the various procurement needs of end buyers. Among them, the building materials goods of Beijing zerenhe and Beijing Chengtong international will be sold at ultra-low prices, which will explode and hit the freezing point

nowadays, there are many category resources and low prices, which can no longer fully meet the end enterprise buyers. Through Internet technology innovation and big data drive, iron and steel e-commerce has solved the problems of information barriers such as supply chain efficiency, cost and capital. This is not only at the level of information gathering, which Mongolia attaches great importance to the development of good neighborly and friendly cooperation and transactions between Mongolia and China, but also to provide users with more accurate and personalized services

in this steel procurement Festival, ganglaigang also launched the top four gold medal stores in the comprehensive ability of the platform, which will provide buyers with the most professional and high-quality services, respond to buyers' various needs in time, reduce waiting and operation time, and truly save time, worry and effort for end buyers

this steel procurement Festival is hosted by eight major steel mills, including steel from steel to steel and Hebei Jingye, as well as two first-class steel traders, Beijing zerenhe and Beijing Chengtong international. It aims to help end buyers reduce procurement costs and help the healthy development of the steel industry. As a new generation of intelligent steel industry interconnection platform, the steel to steel platform mainly relies on big data, cloud computing IOT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies to help enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain reduce costs, improve transaction efficiency, optimize resource allocation, reduce the risk of market price fluctuations, empower the industry with new technologies, new ideas and new models, and promote the intensive, shared, intelligent transformation and upgrading of the steel industrial chain. For more information about the steel purchasing section from steel to steel, please click

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