Discussion on safety management of operation team

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Discussion on the safety management of oil production plant operation team

as the basic unit of enterprise site construction, all the safety indicators and management policies that have been formulated and completed need to be implemented and popularized through the team. Only in this way can the whole enterprise make progress and development, Therefore, reasonable team management is of great benefit to construction enterprises

1 key points of supervision and management

as oil is a natural fossil fuel, its distribution has great randomness and uncertainty, which does not change the structure and working state of the original machinery and equipment, so that the relevant construction sites for oil exploitation are generally in the field, and the natural conditions are relatively bad, For the management of using the system, there naturally appear a series of urgent problems to be solved, such as scattered construction sites, wide operating area, long mining time, etc. in order to ensure that the construction enterprise can complete the scheduled work plan in time, a set of hierarchical supervision and management system is established and proposed according to some actual characteristics of the first oil plant. It has more comprehensively stipulated the employment system of plant level supervisors, implemented the main responsibilities and all authorities of competent departments at all levels, promulgated a practical on-site construction management system, and established a routine assessment mechanism for all departments, so that the underground construction in on-site operations can be more effectively supervised and maintained. The current three-level underground operation supervision and management system mainly includes operation supervision, operation area level underground operation supervision and well area level underground operation supervision. In addition, for some professional work characteristics of operation supervision, management personnel with certain work experience can be employed to supervise and guide relevant construction projects; For factory level supervision, since the main direction of its supervision is the measure well and overhaul well in the whole construction area, the quantitative assessment of these areas should be carried out more carefully

the personnel management and labor relations of the "two-level" supervision in the operation area belong to each operation area, so the supervision and assessment of these two aspects should be handed over to the operation area for processing

1.1 formulate and issue downhole operation quality supervision and management system

in order to better implement and implement the relevant management and supervision mechanism and ensure the safety and efficiency of construction, combined with the difficulty and characteristics of oil and gas development, which is the only way to prove whether we are talking about true or false production, a series of perfect management regulations have been formulated, including the implementation rules for downhole operation supervision of the first oil production plant, the provisions on downhole operation supervision and management of the first oil production plant On the basis of the "detailed rules for the quality punishment of various downhole operations of oil and water wells" and the "measures for the supervision and assessment of various downhole operations of the first oil production plant", and according to the actual results of on-site supervision, the "guidance for on-site supervision of downhole operations" has been formulated to make the implementation of all management systems more feasible and operational. Through the system, construction 6 The unclear areas of various signs on the electronic productivity experimental machine, supervision departments, supervision and assessment, and the continuous improvement and supervision of the functional assessment of each construction team have improved the overall production capacity of the oil production area, and this series of supervision methods have strong reference significance for the supervision, operation and implementation management encountered by other oil production construction units in the downhole operation in the future

1.2 the supervision data is standardized and classified according to the downhole operation of oil and water wells

in the past, due to the chaos and disorder of supervision, many problems could not be solved at the first time after they appeared, which brought great hidden dangers to the whole construction operation. For this, it is necessary to try to thoroughly modify the existing quality supervision card in the past, re set up the quantitative assessment quarterly table for the construction members of maintenance operations, and re set up the quality supervision card for the construction team of measures, The "downhole operation supervision and well patrol log" shall be issued to each construction team at the construction site, the "downhole operation supervision log" shall be issued to each supervisor participating in the supervision work, and the "downhole operation quality supervision sheet" shall be distributed to the personnel participating in the downhole operation supervision, downhole operation, downhole oil production and downhole construction. Record all the data, so that even if there is a sudden accident in the future, you can find the accident person and determine the cause of the accident at the first time, so as to minimize the loss of the accident in the oil area and ensure the personal safety of the construction personnel

1.3 improve the comprehensive professional quality of on-site supervisors

as early as its establishment, the downhole operation supervision organization owned by the first oil production plant conducted selection and training for more than 140 managers at all levels and departments of the whole plant, and at the same time, hired some highly qualified professional supervisors from the society to conduct unified training for employees. While paying attention to theory, we should also start from practice, select some supervisors with rich practical experience from the grass-roots level to the training institutions for further study, and issue the compilation of downhole operation technical manuals for some employees who are highly mobile and have no time to receive training and education, so as to facilitate the learning of all kinds of personnel. In the daily supervision work of enterprises, higher-level supervisors and managers can regularly provide one-on-one training guidance to students who need training. This flexible training method can not only ensure the training effect, but also reduce the interference to daily work

1.4 achieve the harmony and unity of supervision and service

supervision is simply a "fault finding" job, but this seemingly simple work has its very important responsibilities. Whether a construction site can operate normally, efficiently and scientifically is inseparable from the meticulous management and supervision of each work by supervision and management personnel, and only when every link is supervised in place can our safety production be guaranteed. In the supervision of the construction site, supervisors at all levels should be strict with themselves, and should not neglect any small details, nor cover up the problems that have been found. All problems should be dealt with strictly

1.5 realize openness and transparency of supervision information

with the advent of the information age, many industries have integrated information technology into their own production operations in order to develop. For heavy mechanized industries such as oil field production, it is also necessary to integrate technology into the field of information technology to ensure long-term development. For the first oil production plant, the establishment of relevant pages appears to be very positive. In the enterprise's own pages, It can not only timely report the problems found on the construction site every month, with a year-on-year increase of 27.9%, but also make the relevant quantitative assessment system more transparent and perfect, so that all work processes are displayed in front of employees, make publicity a habit, strengthen the trust between employees and enterprises, and raise the level of construction management to a new level

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