Randy will fight for another 18 days

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As a supplier of Australia's top precision advanced glass deep-processing products, Mg's products are used in insulblind IGU with integrated blind for hospital, sky glass for balustrading in high rise apartments, insulblass select IGU for reimbursement of RMIT, St. Andrew house, residential application and other famous Australian buildings

as an experienced and old brand enterprise, Mg company formally ordered a convection tempering furnace from Randy machine not long ago after multiple inspections and comparisons, and hoped that Randy would complete the installation, commissioning and acceptance of the equipment within 18 days after delivery, and ensure that it could be put into operation in a perfect way. Of course, Mg also promised to closely cooperate with Randy in all on-site work

there is no doubt that this is not a small challenge, but Randy is no stranger to the rush period of the installation site. Our team has won such challenges many times. The key lies in fully considering the reduction of on-site workload in design and manufacturing, careful planning of on-site installation work, and reasonable deployment of on-site personnel; The design scheme fully adopts modular design to reduce the installation workload on site. All parts that can be assembled in the factory during the manufacturing process are completed in the factory. The installation plan lists each node in detail and specifies the allocation requirements of various personnel and tools; The customer service department deploys experienced and skilled technicians who are familiar with the situation in Australia and good at communication. Before the equipment was about to arrive at the site, Randy machine sent a team of experts in machinery, electricity, procedure and technology to the customer's site in time. After the equipment entered the site and the finished workpiece piston ran downward, the surface quality became more delicate, and everyone immediately put into intense and orderly work, which was not only a contest of speed and time, but also a challenge of physical fitness and wisdom. In these 18 days, no matter the high temperature environment with an average of 36 ℃ or the work intensity of 10 hours a day, Randy people have no complaints and work hard. Finally, with the close cooperation of Mg company personnel, all the installation and commissioning work was successfully completed within the agreed time

in the most important process of equipment acceptance and trial production, Mg company specially invited an old expert from Sydney who has been engaged in the glass processing industry for decades. As we all know, he has a pair of "zero tolerance" eyes and will not let go of any product defects. With the communication and cooperation of both parties, the acceptance process was carried out item by item in an orderly manner. For each piece of glass produced by Randy tempering furnace, the expert would concentrate on the inspection - whether it was the flatness and waviness of the glass, or the wind spots and granularity of the glass, and Zhanjiang had been listed as the fulcrum of the national "one belt and one road" maritime cooperation strategy - he would personally operate every detail

after completing the inspection of the last link, the expert finally showed a happy smile. He gave a thumbs up and said to the general manager of Mg company, "the product is very good!" At this moment, the scene was boiling. Both the managers and employees of Mg company and the engineers of Randy machine applauded and laughed happily; This is the praise that Mg and more than a dozen employees of Randy have won by fighting against time and time for days

after the acceptance, the general manager of Mg company held the hand of Randy machine engineer, Solemnly said: "as a supplier of Australia's top glass products, we always insist on providing users with high-performance glass products. Now our products are widely used in landmark buildings all over Australia. I believe that in the future, the high-quality glass products produced by this Randy tempering furnace will also appear on new landmark buildings in Australia."

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