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Noda found channels to communicate with China. Japanese politicians spoke wildly

China's Anti Japanese March tended to subside on the 19th, but in the view of Japanese media, the tension between the two countries and China's Anti Japanese pressure on Japan have not been relaxed at all. Japan's Sankei said that China's official ships cruising the waters near the Diaoyu Islands reached 14 on the 19th, an unprecedented scale

on the same day, "there were signs of delays in China's customs clearance procedures with Japan" and "the 2012 China Japan Green Expo was canceled" continued to spread from Japan. Please check the following items again before Los Angeles makes the first model shot: the times commented that the worst part of the Anti Japanese March sweeping China in recent days may have ended, but the economic sequelae between the world's second and third largest economies may have just begun

Japanese Prime Minister yoshihihiko Noda asked China to compensate the losses of Japanese enterprises attacked on the evening of the 18th, on the grounds that "this is what happened in China". He also said that he would communicate with China through various channels to find ways to calm the situation. But this logic was denounced by Chinese analysts as "pure nonsense"

Anti China sentiment in Japan is also rising. On the 19th, a stone was thrown at the building of a Chinese enterprise in Fukuoka, and the gate of a Chinese School in Kobe was set on fire. The four Liberal Democratic Party members who participated in the presidential election competed to say "tough words" to China

the associated press said that since the Liberal Democratic Party is likely to win the house of Representatives elections in the future, it means that Japan will have a more Nationalist government, and Sino Japanese relations, which have been strained by territorial disputes, are likely to worsen

according to foreign reports, the White House said on the 19th that the United States expects China and Japan to resolve the territorial issue by peaceful means

White House spokesman Carney said at the meeting that the United States believes that maintaining good relations between China and Japan is in the interests of all parties in the region. The United States does not hold a position on the sovereignty ownership of the Diaoyu Islands and hopes that China and Japan will resolve the dispute through diplomatic channels

"people" commented that the Diaoyu Island issue tests the political wisdom of the United States. For the United States, caution 6) asymmetric dispersion of specimen support points: the source of error has a serious impact on the four point bending loading situation Doing so is not only a necessary measure to maintain the healthy development of China US relations, but also a must for the overall situation of regional peace and stability

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