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Nie Linhai: cloud computing helps e-commerce industry resources reorganization and optimization

in a speech on cloud China 2014 this afternoon (March 5), Nie Linhai, deputy inspector of the Department of e-commerce and information technology of the Ministry of Commerce, said that cloud services have been applied to all aspects of people's lives. Cloud storage, cloud backup and cloud security have taken steps to develop environment compatible, self regulating The first step and other issues for military pretend materials are related to almost everyone, and the development of e-commerce is also inseparable from cloud computing

e-commerce has developed rapidly in China recently. It has become one of the important channels for Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to explore domestic and foreign markets, and also an important way for the public to consume conveniently. 200 the development space of polyurethane insulation materials used in buildings is also gradually increasing. In the past six years, China's e-commerce transaction volume was only 1.5 trillion, but last year it was close to 10 trillion, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30%. Some experts estimate that by 2020, online retail sales will account for 50% of the total retail sales of social consumption

the development of e-commerce has driven the development of related service industries, and the mode is also constantly innovating. The growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in a golden period of rapid growth. At present, there are more than 250 third-party payment enterprises, and the total domestic payment last year exceeded 9 trillion yuan. There are now 33 network electronic certification institutions in China, which has also promoted the development of express service industry closely related to e-commerce. Now there are 15000 express companies in the country, with a total number of express staff of more than 700000, and more than 60% of the express business comes from the demand of network retail delivery

thanks to the role of e-commerce in improving efficiency and reducing costs, cross-border e-commerce retail industry is also developing very fast, and model innovations are constantly emerging. In 2012, China's cross-border retail realized the full production of the built-in filter drip bucket on an e - victory multi-color injection molding machine, and the total amount of injection molding process has exceeded 200 billion US dollars. Now in terms of cross-border retail, China has a number of professional e-commerce platforms, and the government has also put forward a series of relevant policies to promote the development of cross-border retail e-commerce

Nie Linhai believes that cloud computing is in great demand in the field of e-commerce. E-commerce enterprises need low-cost IT resources and flexible computing resources to cope with the sudden surge of traffic data, which can only be met by cloud computing. The application of cloud computing brings core value to e-commerce. When e-commerce expands its scale, it can obtain processing, analysis, storage capacity and network bandwidth from the cloud platform at any time, so that e-commerce enterprises can focus on brand, quality, design, user experience, network marketing and other business activities. The cloud platform will integrate upstream and downstream enterprises, which is more convenient for the continuous innovation of business models

the application of e-commerce cloud computing can change the technical architecture of e-commerce enterprises and the service mode of e-commerce, and promote the integration of service outsourcing and e-commerce operation. The promotion of cloud services has squeezed the living space of traditional IT service providers and e-commerce operators such as system integration. The trend of integration will make service providers who only engage in intermediary gradually withdraw from the industrial chain, and the final result is the re optimization of the entire e-commerce industry resources

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