Most popular Nippon Dulux exposes quality scandals

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Nippon Dulux exposes quality scandals together

Nippon Dulux exposes quality scandals together

April 5, 2012

[China paint information] after Nippon Paint was exposed that its stores sold fake goods, Dulux paint was judged unqualified by the quality supervision department in the sampling inspection. Recently, Nippon and Dulux, which are synonymous with the coating industry, have both exposed quality related scandals, which has made the industry sigh. Industry experts believe that people's superstition about foreign brands makes them constantly deceive the concept and ignore the most basic quality, which also provides a good opportunity for the rise of domestic brands

Nippon Dulux has successively exposed quality scandals

in the coating industry, half of the world belongs to foreign brands, while Nippon and Dulux occupy the most important market share. However, these two brands have recently appeared on the list of quality scandals

first of all, Nippon genuine franchise stores actually sold fake "Li Gui". For the identical real can packaging, the salesperson can provide relevant test reports and produce formal receipts. This kind of high-performance paint, which ordinary people can't see but solve the recycling problem, and which is prepared by small workshops, appears in Nippon Paint Stores in building materials cities such as Beijing Sihui building materials market

previously, Jiangsu, Beijing, Shanxi, Shanghai and other places have produced and sold fake Nippon coatings, but it is the first time that such fake and inferior products have appeared in Nippon's licensed stores. On February 23, when this scandal was exposed by the media, the industry was in an uproar - where can we buy the real Nippon coating? Sometimes in order to reduce the weight, it also adopts aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals and special metals, which made consumers confused for a moment

on March 14, the special monitoring and spot check results released by the Inner Mongolia Administration for Industry and Commerce pushed another foreign paint brand Dulux onto the quality scandal list. According to the spot check results, a Jieyi white latex paint produced by AkzoNobel Swire paint Co., Ltd., with a specification of 16l/barrel and a production date of June 20, 2011, was judged to be unqualified because its washability did not meet the standard. It is understood that the washability mainly reflects the adhesion of the coating to the substrate and the ability to resist washing. It is an important indicator to measure the quality of the coating. The more washing and brushing times, the more base materials contained in the coating, the better the physical properties of the coating. On the contrary, if there is too little, the coating film is easy to be damaged and the protective and decorative properties of the coating are lost

"Nippon's exclusive stores sell fake goods, and Dulux's products are unqualified through sampling inspection. Such a large foreign brand is not insured. What foreign brand coatings can be bought on the market with confidence?" Recently, Mr. Zhang, who used to check decoration cases, sighed after learning this news. In his opinion, there are a lot of quality problems of foreign brand coatings recently, which is really not worrying

the case cannot hide the quality problem of foreign paint brands

in people's minds, Nippon and Dulux represent the best brands and the highest quality in the paint industry. In the Chinese market, Dulux and Nippon have almost become synonymous with coatings. When many consumers mention coatings, they first think of these two brands

according to the data, Nippon company, founded in 1881, is one of the earliest coating companies in the world, and its sales volume ranks first in the Asia Pacific region all the year round. In China, Nippon has successively established four latex paint plants in Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hebei. Its products have passed the certification of "3C" and "China Environmental Labeling Products", and have been awarded "national inspection free products" by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, and have been recognized as "well-known trademarks" by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. Dulux is a well-known coating brand under AkzoNobel, one of the world's top 500 companies. More than 50million households around the world use Dulux paint. If the packaging cans of Dulux products sold are superimposed, it is said that its height will be more than 10000 times that of Mount Everest. In China, Dulux paint has been used in famous construction projects such as "bird's nest", "Water Cube" and "tangpinyichen"

Nippon and Dulux both have quality problems, which has cast a shadow on their brand image. However, the two companies are different in the handling of the incident. "The sale of fake goods in the franchised stores is only a special case. It is a case. After the incident, we have responded, immediately launched a thorough investigation into the incident, suspended the agency qualification of the dealers involved, and suspended the business of the franchised stores involved, so as to curb the possibility of their continuing infringement on the rights and interests of consumers at the first time." Wu Jialun, the public relations director of Nippon China, said in an interview that Nippon has never been found to be unqualified in the sampling inspection of industry and commerce, quality inspection and other units, and the product quality of Nippon is trustworthy. On April 1, when contacting Dulux headquarters in Shanghai about the unqualified products, the relevant person declined the interview on the grounds of "the senior leaders were absent", and there was no relevant statement about the unqualified products on its official website. It is reported that the exposed unqualified products are still sold in Beijing and Shanghai

"if the franchised store openly sells fake goods, it is the dealer's failure to manage well, which belongs to the error of channel management; if the washability is unqualified, it is the formula that is not handled well, which belongs to the error of production control. No matter which link is wrong, it will ultimately damage the interests of consumers." Songguangsheng, director of the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of indoor environment and indoor environmental protection products, believes that even a case reflects that foreign paint brands are not synonymous with real quality, and can not cover up many problems of big paint brands in channel management and quality control

the flickering concept of foreign brands ignores quality

the reason why Nippon and Dulux both exposed quality scandals is also related to consumers' blindly advocating foreign brands and getting used to their bad temper. Song Guangsheng believes that things of foreign brands are not necessarily good. In fact, domestic brands are also gradually rising

the most typical domestic brands emerging from data report printing are garberry, China Resources and Fuya. Data show that the market sales of garberry have increased 20 times in the past 10 years, of which the sales in 2010 has exceeded 2billion yuan, and it has successfully ranked among the top 500 coating enterprises in the world. China Resources Coatings, which has been established for 20 years, has a sales volume of nearly 3billion yuan in building coatings, furniture coatings and other products. In addition, the sales volume of Fuya paint, which is famous for its "boss drinking paint", is also rising year by year

in the face of domestic brands catching up step by step, foreign brands do not seem to feel threatened. According to Wu Jialun, Dulux, Nippon and other international brands account for only about 30% of China's paint market, which is not as large as people think. Another 70% of the market belongs to domestic brands. The business opportunities in the paint market are limited, but the opportunities are equal, and we need to explore together

Song Guangsheng pointed out that in the field of coatings, the gap between domestic brands and foreign brands is narrowing. Comparatively speaking, foreign brands may be stronger than domestic brands in color and function research and development. Moreover, due to their long brand history, brand reputation is better than domestic brands, but the gap between the two is not very large in terms of product quality. However, a phenomenon that cannot be ignored is that in recent years, due to the excessive emphasis on product functionality and environmental protection, foreign brands have neglected the basic technology of quality. This time Dulux was found to be unqualified, which is a typical example

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