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Ningxia accelerates the construction of ecological environment monitoring network and big data management platform

recently, the general office of Ningxia government issued the "last month plan for the construction of Ningxia ecological environment monitoring network", which clearly accelerated the construction of ecological environment monitoring network in the whole region, and realized the monitoring and monitoring linkage of various environmental elements, the integration of heaven and earth, the coordination between the upper and lower levels, and the sharing of information. By 2020, it will be basically completed, covering the atmosphere, water The ecological environment monitoring network and ecological journey of seven environmental elements such as soil and key pollution sources can be enough for the environmental monitoring big data management platform at 600

according to the plan, Ningxia will build a unified ecological environment monitoring network for the whole region one by one based on the environmental elements such as atmosphere, water and soil. Among them, focusing on 5 prefecture level cities, Ningdong Administrative Committee and 22 counties (districts) and urban areas, we will build and improve urban ambient air quality monitoring points and quality control system, focus on Liupanshan Mountain area, irrigation area along the Yellow River and central arid zone, build background stations and regional stations that reflect the background situation of ambient air quality in Ningxia, and establish water environment quality monitoring networks for major rivers, lakes, reservoirs, rural water environment and key water functional areas, Realize the interconnection, sharing and sharing of water environment monitoring network data and the management information platform of the river director of the autonomous region. Carry out real-time monitoring of water quality and major pollutants at River Junction sections across administrative regions and river sections of public concern

by 2020, the monitoring coverage rate of national important water functional areas in the region will be increased by 00%, and a regional surface water environment early warning monitoring and evaluation system will be gradually established, covering the incoming water and drinking water sources that should be cleaned at the provincial boundary, the assessment sections of cities at the local level and specific functional areas, so as to realize the real-time monitoring and sharing of water quality and hydrological data

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