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Nokia Bell Labs and NTT DoCoMo jointly develop 5g innovative technology

Nokia Bell Labs, together with NTT DoCoMo, conducted research and testing on the evolution of 5g technology in the 90GHz band

Nokia Bell Labs tested the first phased array RF chip solution in the 90 GHz band, aiming to improve wireless coverage in the high frequency band, And large-scale delivery of Gigabit rate

the joint demonstration also showed how to use the dynamic shunt relocation function of 5g core to deliver low latency networks, so as to provide support for large-scale real-time applications

the 5g innovative technology demonstrated by Nokia Bell Labs at the Brooklyn 5g summit will provide support for the delivery of high demand applications such as virtual and augmented reality video

Brooklyn 5g summit in New York, USA -- Nokia announced, And NTT DoCoMo jointly demonstrated 5g innovative technology at the 5g summit in Brooklyn. This technology will meet the growing demand for video data and applications by delivering large-scale gbt18449.1 (2) 001 metal Knoop hardness test Part 1 Test Method quantity

Nokia and NTT DoCoMo are working together to build relevant technologies and accelerate the delivery of 5g oriented enhanced mobile broadband applications. The wide application of real-time virtual and augmented reality (vr/ar) video will bring new functions to the industry and users. The delivery of enhanced mobile broadband applications in dense deployment scenarios will need to be completed through ultra sensitive networks with large-scale wireless capacity

during the 5g summit in Brooklyn, Nokia demonstrated two technological innovations that can meet the above needs with the support of NTT DoCoMo:

the two companies will apply the compact millimeter wave phased array antenna system developed by Nokia Bell Laboratories in the test. In the 90 GHz band, the system can be expanded to 256 components with integrated circuit (RFIC) solutions, achieving a speed of thousands of megabits per second. The test demonstrates how 5g new air interface (5g NR) enhancements manage wireless complexity and more antenna beams in the high millimeter wave band, while achieving higher bandwidth. In addition, the two sides also demonstrated how the use of more antenna components in the high frequency band can minimize the path loss and achieve the same coverage as in the case of using low millimeter wave band

the joint demonstration also shows how the dynamic shunt relocation function of 5g core can deliver low delay networks, provide support for time sensitive mobile broadband applications, and then realize automation and augmented reality in the future

Nokia and NTT DoCoMo will continue to test these technologies in NTT DoCoMo laboratory at Yokosuka Research Park, Japan. The two companies will study how Nokia Bell Labs' radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) solutions operating in the 90GHz band can improve coverage in urban, suburban and indoor environments in Japan, so as to meet the large-scale connection needs of consumers and enterprises

in January this year, Nokia announced that it had signed a 5g baseband product supply agreement with NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile operator, to integrate Nokia's hardware based on 3GPP 5g NR specification into its network, helping NTT DoCoMo launch 5g commercial services in Japan in the future

hiroshi Nakamura, executive vice president and chief technology officer of NTT DoCoMo, said: the joint exhibition at the Brooklyn 5g summit is based on our long-term cooperation with Nokia, such as the ring stiffness experimental machine with a 3-meter experimental space. We will work together to accelerate the development of 5g technology, especially for technological innovation in high-frequency bands such as 90GHz

Marcus Weldon, President of Nokia Bell Labs, said: at Bell Labs, we cooperate with leading operators such as NTT DoCoMo to develop disruptive technologies, and will redefine human lifestyle through these technologies. During the Brooklyn 5g summit, we showed the world's first RF solution using advanced radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC), which solved the problem of how to improve the coverage of millimeter wave bands in the future. RFIC can scale to any array dimension and deliver high-quality connections to any device

the 5th Brooklyn 5g peak now has not reached the filling speed of flexible packaging. The speed of common packaging boxes will be hosted by Nokia and NYU Wireless Research Center at the Tandon Institute of technology of New York University, which is four times more expensive than the price of environmental friendly packaging bags. It will be held at the MetroTech center in Brooklyn, New York from April 24 to 27. Marcus Weldon and Seizo onoe, chief technology architect of NTT DoCoMo and President of DoCoMo technology, attended the summit and delivered speeches. The IEEE Communication Association broadcast the event live. The media are welcome to register and watch it here

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Nokia is the global leader in the core technology of the innovative Internet world. With the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Laboratories, Nokia uses the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end products, services and licensing platform to serve communication service providers, government departments, large enterprises and consumers

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Nokia Bell Labs is a world-renowned industrial research institution under Nokia. Since its establishment 90 years ago, it has invented a large number of basic technologies supporting information and communication networks and all digital devices and systems. At present, Bell Laboratories has won eight Nobel prizes, three Turing awards, three Japan awards, several national medals of science and national medals of engineering, one Oscar, two Grammy Awards and one Emmy Award for its technological innovation. For more information, please visit:

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