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Ni Xiaolin, Chinese private enterprises should not get lost outside the capital market

recently, Dai Xianglong, Secretary of the Tianjin municipal Party committee, called on private enterprises to further develop and make full use of the opportunities of the capital market. At the same time, the national development and Reform Commission will soon issue 36 detailed rules for the state to support the development of non-public enterprises. In order to promote the development of China's private economy, director Ma Kai once said at the beginning of the year that he personally supervised the front to sort out the problems in the 36 articles one by one and solve them one by one. Recently, the national development and Reform Commission also disclosed to the public that it has abolished more than 6000 documents related to the adverse development of the private economy

in the development of private economy, in addition to paying attention to policy resources and making full use of policy resources, it also needs to be introspective, that is, 2. Reflection on the production of lithium salt. When China's economic environment has changed, does the private economy have to stay outside the capital market, have good advantages and still do not expand, and have good products and are unwilling to grow and strengthen together with social resources

At present, China's private economy is facing the momentum of further development. With the help of the power of the capital market, it is also the most successful path for the development of enterprises after the temporary use of the jaws of modern hydraulic universal testing machine. Take the world's top 500 enterprises that have entered China for example. Almost all of them have developed from family businesses. However, as long as they are listed companies, entering the capital market is almost a key step for them to realize the leap of scale and the change of management from quantity to quality

of course, the government still has a lot of work to do if China's private economy is to fully enter the capital market and truly receive fair and equitable treatment. 1. As a high-tech testing equipment, pressure testing machine. However, as a private enterprise in China, don't miss the great opportunity of expansion and development

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