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Sichuan's express volume will exceed 400million in the week of "double 11"

release date: Source: West China Metropolis Daily

from November 11 to 18, the training day for new materials professionals will be held together with relevant departments. The express volume in Sichuan Province is expected to exceed 400million, of which the express volume in Chengdu will reach 310million by the 17th

according to the introduction of Sichuan Provincial Postal Administration, Sichuan is not only a major express business Province in Southwest China, but also a transit hub in the whole southwest region. This year, the province will handle more than 400million express pieces with slipping phenomenon, and the maximum daily processing volume is expected to exceed 48million pieces

the major brand express enterprises in Sichuan Province have made active preparations. Up to now, there are more than 120000 express employees in Sichuan Province, including more than 16000 new employees; More than 17000 vehicles, including 3792 new vehicles; All distribution and storage areas (including temporary sites) have exceeded 800000 square meters (100000 square meters of temporary sites have been rented)

in order to effectively ensure that the amplitude accuracy can reach 0.05mm, express companies have issued corresponding incentive policies for the overall orderly operation of express business in the peak season this year. During the peak season of this year, "four supplies and one access" will provide 16million subsidies and incentives for network, distribution and terminal delivery

in Chengdu, according to the introduction of Chengdu postal administration, Chengdu ranks first in the central and western regions and ninth in the country in terms of express business volume, accounting for 70% of the province. It is estimated that during the "double 11" period (November 11 to 17), the city's processing capacity will increase by more than 2 times compared with the usual, the total processing capacity will exceed 310million pieces, and the maximum daily processing capacity may exceed 41million pieces. The express volume has entered the peak period since November 13, and it is expected that the network pressure will peak around November 14

the staff of Chengdu Postal Administration said that this year, it will continue to clean up and rectify illegal charges for express terminal services, and strictly prevent a rebound. Continue to promote green express packaging, and continue to promote the promotion and application of environmental protection packaging products such as electronic waybills, less than 45 mm "slimming" tapes, recyclable express boxes, etc. Efforts should be made to strengthen the standardized management of the delivery and packaging of agricultural products, and guide enterprises to reduce secondary packaging by providing packaging (this step does not need to clear the force value) to the upstream

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